Elixim – Service Exellence

ELIXIM is a Swiss based company, operating in several European countries since 2004. We provide a wide range of corporate welcome and office services representing our customers brand image. Our motto is to achieve perfection and outstanding customer satisfaction from the first impression on.  All to live the excellence and deliver real added value to all of our clients.

Therefore, in all the things we do, we act along our 5 values:
Client Focus – Place customers at the centre of our activities, they drive all what we do
Teamwork – Benefit from the diversity of our business and our people by working together to achieve success
Innovation – Continuously improve current standards and develop new innovative solutions to meet customer requirements
Performance – Be committed to a results-oriented culture

Trust – Behave reliably, fairly and honestly

That’s how we stay the experts in our profession For You!

Your visitors our business

We deal with the day to day activities at your reception and offices, while you save time to focus on your core activities. Offering a transparent business relation, based on service levels, performance indicators and cost commitment, you will experience the professionalism and flexibility of Elixim as a subcontractor.

Motivated and experienced staff, delivering high quality services are the result of professionally targeted selection and recruitment and continuous training in all aspects of hospitality, use of equipment and your corporate culture. At last, our client index and references is our best asset so we will do everything to exceed your expectations.

“This is your chance to show a great and unforgettable first impression of your company”

Quality guaranteed

Continuity guaranteed

At Elixim, quality is guaranteed. We therefore comply with ISO standards and support the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact. It all starts with our employees. Special attention is paid to the recruitment process and the selection of our staff. During the application process, the candidates receive an extensive assessment in which their competencies are tested. Once hired, they follow one or several of our training programs with specific modules based on several positions or responsibility. As a result of these cross training programs, we are able to send replacement personnel pre-trained in your welcome and operational procedures within 2 hours in case of any unforeseen absence.

To control the quality of our services we use mystery visits & calls and organize monthly team meetings for reviews and recommendations. In addition to this, we will have quarterly contract management meetings with you to review our performance, based on our agreed SLA’s and KPI. We also monitor all kinds of statistics and score charts and we use an online customer satisfaction audit to create support for our services.

Do you worrie about your reception occupation during holidays, or to keep the office standards high while your facility employees are sick at home?  Elixim would love to help you with these concerns and guarantees continuity by having a well-trained pool of employees.

As a result of our training programs, as mentioned before, we are able to send replacement personnel pre-trained in your welcome and operational procedures within 2 hours in case of any unforeseen absence.  Due to our up to date insight in the holiday schedules of our employees, we make sure your services will stay on the same high-end level throughout the whole year.