Our People

Making people our priority

Our customers choose us because, they see the results of our employees’ work every day. They all share one common goal: to bring you exceptional facilities services that satisfy all your needs. Without our staff, we simply could not give our customers the quality facilities solutions they deserve.
Therefore, we respect our employees, celebrate and reward achievement, manage them professionally and give everyone the opportunity to shine. When our employees are happy, our customers are happy too.

Our Partners

Making partners our priority

At Elixim, we build lasting partnerships with customers. It means we get to know you and ensure we meet your needs.
We consider ourselves, our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders as part of the same team – working together to deliver excellent ethical, sustainable and affordable services for everyone. We are convinced that working collaboratively helps us respond to our customers’ changing needs with innovative, sustainable and responsible services.

Our Planet

Managing our impact

Based discussions with our stakeholders, we identified the following important environmental areas.

  • Helping customers meet their environmental objectives
  • Minimizing and recycling waste and managing hazardous waste
  • Measuring and reducing our carbon footprint
  • Sourcing responsible and sustainable products