Code of conduct

We have adopted a Group-wide Code of Conduct which clearly defines our approach to ethical and moral issues.

Under Elixim’s Code of Conduct, all staff must follow the laws that regulate our operations. It also sets out the principles for handling competition issues, conflicts of interest, the environment and work environment, working conditions, confidential information, gifts and perks in Elixim’s business relations and our behaviour towards clients and suppliers.
Elixim’s Code of Conduct states, among other things, that no member of staff is to be discriminated against on the basis of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political views or ethnicity.
All managers explain Elixim’s Code of Conduct to their staff, who are then given the opportunity to read through it before signing it to confirm that they have understood the Code of Conduct and agree to comply with its principles. The Code of Conduct applies throughout the Group and also covers Elixim’s major suppliers. The Code of Conduct is followed up annually with all members of staff as part of their performance appraisals.
The company also has a system which enables anyone working at Elixim to report any suspected infringements of Elixim’s Code of Conduct:

Discrimination and harassment

Elixim is committed to ensuring that its employees work in a safe and respectful environment where high value is put on equality, fairness, respect, courtesy and dignity, and has zero tolerance for unlawful discrimination or harassment.

Safety and workplace violence

Elixim also has zero tolerance for acts or threats of violence, intimidation and hostility towards another employee, a customer or a member of the public. This prohibition extends to activities outside of work which adversely affect the reputation or business interests of Elixim or the safety of its workers. No person may possess a weapon of any kind or other dangerous device in the workplace.

Drugs and alcohol

Alcohol and drugs can impair your ability to work effectively and can endanger you and those around you. Elixim prohibits the possession, use, purchase, sale, distribution or manufacturing of illegal drugs or alcohol in the workplace, as well as the abuse of alcohol or illegal drugs on or off its premises and on or off its customers’ premises.
Where allowable by law, Elixim reserves the right to take appropriate steps to investigate compliance, including but not limited to drug and/or alcohol testing by qualified medical professionals in the workplace.

Customers compliance

Elixim asks all its employees to apply to its Customers Compliance, Code of Conduct and Ethics, including prohibition of drinking alcohol and smoking in the workplace. Candidates with criminal records would also be excluded from the recruitment process.

Disciplinary action for code violations

Elixim strives to impose discipline for each Code violation. A failure by any employee or representative to comply with laws or regulations governing Elixim may require immediate and appropriate action.


All our employees acknowledge that they have received and read the Elixim Code of Conduct and Ethics and understand their obligations to comply with the policies, principles and values outlines in this Code.